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Use the assembly below, or click here for the mobile instruction.

Line up the steel

1. Line up the steel. For square modules all steel are same lenght. For non square modules make sure to separate the different lenght steels into vertical and horizontal steels.

2. The steels hook into each other via the key hole shapes cutouts.

3. Line up the vertical steels first with the keyhole pointing up. Use a horizontal steel to hold the assembly.


4. Attach the fist timber to the first connection, alligning the crosses and pressing the timber fimly down.

5. Attach the rest of the timbers to lock the assembly.

6. Mount the rest of the steels to the lower frame.


7. Attach the rest of the timbers to the lower frame.

8. Align the the horizontal steels for the upper frame with the keyhole shaped cutout pointing up. Align the middle of the keyhole with the middle of the crosscut in the timber.

9. Mount the vertical steels now, and press the steels all the way down into the timbers. You can use a rubber hammer to gently knock the steels into position.

10. Click on the Protector clips on the front frame of the wine rack.

11. You have now finished assembling your BOXX wine rack, and you can now load your wines into the rack.

BOXX Wine Racks